Quality policy

Our translation services and all our business processes are based on the principles of quality management. We strive to meet QMS requirements in every segment of our work.

Our aim is to achieve the highest level of service quality—we are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our clients and to the constant improvement of QMS efficiency.
We focus on meeting general quality objectives relating to these requirements:
  • Excellent contacts and customer satisfaction
  • Exceptional performance of translation projects, in accordance with customer expectations and rules of the trade
  • Strict adherence to agreed deadlines
  • Qualified personnel (translation competence, linguistic and discourse competence in both the source and the target languages, ability to do research, to find and process information, knowledge of the cultural locale, technical competence)
  • Continuous professional education in the workplace (mentorship)
  • Protection of confidential information and personal data (protection from unauthorized access to documents and information, mandatory non-disclosure statements signed by all associates)
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Development of interpersonal relations based on integrity, team work and friendliness
  • Enhancement of operational productivity for the purpose of business sustainability
The Company policy is oriented to innovative development and advanced technologies in the operations of a translation company. Following the trends in the field of translation, we use CAT tools and QA tools whenever possible. We are aware of all client requirements, so we strive to efficiently manage terminology databases and glossaries specific for every client and every field.
All software tools are considered indispensable for the work of our translators and editors as well as for translation quality assurance. Our translations are the result of expert teamwork supported by cutting-edge technologies.
Vanja Keindl
General Manager


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