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Are you developing business applications, online shops or web pages and looking for an experienced translation partner whose tools are compatible with a variety of systems? VERBA has many years of experience in translating web pages, applications, video games and other software – and uses advanced technology solutions for IT system translations. Our experienced linguists are at your disposal even during beta testing to help ensure that the end product is completely error-free.


Information technologies have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Today, companies cannot function without software applications, web pages, online shops and more. Translation systems are often already integrated into these private and business IT solutions. 

This presents a real challenge for translators, who generally have an educational background in humanities. The terminology is very specific and file formats often contain different codes, making it difficult to ascertain what should and should not be translated.

At VERBA, our IT translators are educated in this particular writing style. The software tools they use enable the inclusion of termbases for specific translation areas, the automatisation of certain parts of the translation process, and integration with the clients’ systems so that the text that has to be translated appears to them just as it will on the application interface. This enables them to successfully localise and adapt the texts for the end users.


IT translations usually involve localising user interfaces for software, web applications and different operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.). Our recent IT translation projects include:

  • User interfaces for railway control systems
  • User interfaces for home appliances
  • User interfaces for medical devices
  • Machine operating manuals
  • e-learning systems for hospitals
  • Online games of chance
  • Video games
  • Business applications
  • Websites
  • Help files
  • Geolocation localisation


Terminology is of crucial importance in IT projects: it must be precise, end users need to understand it, and it has to be consistent across all of the client’s files and interfaces.

VERBA uses specialised tools in its translation processes that enable client-specific termbases to be added to each translation project.

There are also certain standards for IT terminology localisation, which translators use if there are no client termbases available. One of those standards is the Microsoft Language Portal.

Have you ever heard of a translation error report? This is a report that a translator receives from our project managers if they find terminology mistakes. Ultimately, VERBA’s excellent quality assurance processes ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Certified quality, guaranteed

BUREAU VERITAS certification

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate confirming there is a quality management system in place at VERBA – and that this system is also regularly upgraded.

ISO 17100:2015

Certificate confirming the professional qualifications of translators, revisers and project managers, as well as the appropriate technical resources, quality management, etc.

Our satisfied clients can attest to that

Satisfied customers are our main motivation – and they also provide us with the best references for further business and new partnerships. 

The true value of our work can be judged by our long-term professional collaborations with different clients and partners. Ours is a quality recognised by many software, application and web development companies, and verified by the independent certification body Bureau Veritas.

Contact us with confidence and join our network of partners. Because we care about your interests.

What will you need besides translation?

If your text is intended for publication, revision by a second linguist is highly recommended. Why? The job of a reviser is to monitor all changes in a specific language and to adapt your text or translation to the language standards, style, and target audience.

Just like software and application development, translation occurs in the backend, which means the end result can only be seen once displayed on the user interface. That is why our team also tests the content from the user’s perspective and ensures any errors in the end product are corrected in advance.


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