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This is our story – a story of how a small and local translation company, which started life in 1998, grew to an international translation service provider with offices in Croatia and Denmark. We maintain successful cooperation with global companies and offer services that range from high-quality and fast translations of all types of texts, revision, proofreading, and layout formatting, to innovative solutions that automate the entire process, saving our partners both time and money.

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Our story

You needed our services in the past, and you undoubtedly need them today. We refer to them as translation services, and even though the name has remained the same, the scope of these services has quite drastically changed.

Years ago, when you were in need of a translation, whether of a simple or more specialised text, you would send out a query to someone offering such a service and expect to receive a precise translation within a given deadline.

We don’t simply translate words, we convey ideas.

Today, a translation service provider needs to be a lot more than that. There are no more simple translations–each text presents a separate field of expertise with its own challenges.

It’s no longer a matter of simply translating words; it’s about conveying your ideas in a way that will resonate with your target audience and allow you to fully capitalise on a given market. With business opportunities being harder and harder to come by, presentation is now the key to seizing them.

why verba?

You need a partner who takes no half measures, but instead has a well-organised and well-developed system of quality assurance, a professional team of native speakers from all over the world who can help you maximise your business opportunities, and a certified quality system that is regularly assessed by independent certification bodies.

You don’t want a partner who is a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, but a partner who can offer you exactly what you need in a given moment and tailor the service to your specific business needs. This way, you gain a partner who provides the optimal solutions for your business and is always at your side to help you achieve excellent results.

Vanja Keindl

Founder and CEO

“We are constantly adapting our business processes to keep up with the times and fulfill the expectations of our clients and the market. However, we always strive to maintain our quality standards, professionalism, adherence to deadlines, and confidentiality because our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients, employees, and vendors.”

verba centar d.o.o.

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The company share capital amounts to HRK 20,000 and was paid in full. Founder and CEO at VERBA CENTAR d.o.o. is Ms Vanja Keindl, a sworn court interpreter for English and German. She represents the company solely and severally.

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