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Do you require a translation of a text that contains very precise, specialized terminology? Do you need a translation that will be clear and comprehensible for your target audience, and will feature in all your business documents (price lists, catalogues, brochures, web pages, etc.)? VERBA’s team of expert technical translators provide quick, precise and affordable translations of all specialized texts and tender documentation – leaving you free to continue your activities with confidence.


The translation of a specialized technical text has to be precise and correct, use terms that will be clear and comprehensible for your readers, and comply with your in-house terminology. In addition, the translation often needs to correspond to the graphic layout of the source text in order for all the tables, figures and other graphic elements to be correctly displayed in the translation.

VERBA has 30 permanently employed linguists and more than 600 external employees in almost all the countries of the world. We also have online systems to facilitate teamwork between translators, which enable us to translate extensive technical projects quickly. Our advanced technical terminology management systems enable consistency in both the quality of our services and the usage of specific terminology in all your texts – regardless of the number of translators working as a team on a particular project. Thanks to our source text analysis system, which takes into account the number of repetitions in the text itself, we can optimize your costs by detecting parts of text that are repeated throughout the document.

Our technical translation department contains translators with the qualifications and experience required to translate texts from many different fields. These experts include engineers, advisors, revisers, language editors and project managers. Since we translate more than 150,000 pages of technical texts a year, we offer comprehensive services at affordable prices that are adapted to each client.

technical translation services

The most commonly translated technical documents at VERBA include manuals, product specifications, bills of quantities, safety data sheets, certificates, declarations of conformity and product catalogues.

  • Instructions for use
  • Service specifications
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Declarations of conformity
  • Production specifications
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Building documentation
  • Maintenance instructions for devices and facilities
  • Installation instructions 
  • Technical drawings and components
  • Technical sheets
  • Extensions of existing studies
  • Written warranties 
  • Certificates
  • Bills of quantities
  • Permits and certificates
  • Equipment list
  • Building technical descriptions
  • Terms of reference
  • Protected technical solutions – patents
  • Test and maintenance instructions
  • Conceptual designs
  • Conceptual projects
  • Investment studies
  • Websites
  • Online stores

advanced terminology management systems

Terminology is what defines your technical documentation, products and devices, so each word must be carefully chosen and consistently used throughout your sales documents and promotional materials. 

We are constantly improving and expanding our enormous 20-year-old terminology base with new additions from a wide range of specialized translation projects. Thanks to a sophisticated terminology management tool, translators are offered a translation from the terminology base for each professional term that appears, and each client has their own terminology base for their specific needs and field. Revisers and project managers use specialized tools to carry out a final inspection and ensure the correct and consistent use of terminology. 

Have you ever heard of a translation error report? This is a report that a translator receives from our project managers if they find terminology mistakes. Ultimately, VERBA’s excellent quality assurance processes mean that nothing is left to chance.

Certified quality, guaranteed

BUREAU VERITAS certification

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate confirming there is a quality management system in place at VERBA – and that this system is also regularly upgraded.

ISO 17100:2015

Certificate confirming the professional qualifications of translators, revisers and project managers, as well as the appropriate technical resources, quality management, etc.

Satisfied customers testify to the quality of our service

Satisfied customers are our main motivation – and they also provide us with the best references for further business and new partnerships. 

The true value of our work can be judged by our long-term professional collaborations with different customers and partners. Our quality is recognized by the over 1,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, public institutions and companies that we count among our clients, who are busy working on technology solutions, automatization, buildings, electrical engineering, IT and logistics solutions. It is also verified by the independent certification body Bureau Veritas.

VERBA is a registered translation service supplier for the world’s leading companies that launch their products, technologies and facilities all over the world.

Contact us with confidence and join our network of partners: Because we care about your interests.

Aside from translation, what else will you need?

If your text is intended for publication, proofreading services are highly recommended. Why? The proofreader’s job is to monitor all changes in a specific language and to adapt your text or translation to the language standards, style and target audience. You can avoid all the hassle, improve sales and ensure your business maintains a good reputation by relying on the expertise and support of VERBA.

Not sure whether you need certification by a certified translator / court interpreter? We have put together an article that should help. Find out more about translation certification.

Simple graphic design is included in our text translation services, so each translation produced by VERBA will match the basic graphic layout of the source text. If you are dealing with manuals or brochures with more complex graphic elements, we have a team of graphic designers at your disposal who know their way around all the customary text types.

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