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Our colleague Davor is a linguist by trade. After obtaining an M.A. in English, he worked as a translator for many years. 

Today, he works as a senior project manager. He is always eager to gain knowledge and perfect new skills – and the challenges he faces in his day-to-day work certainly give him ample opportunities to do just that. 

You might say he is the business-world equivalent of an adrenaline seeker, since the work of a project manager is neither simple nor predictable. It requires a lot of knowledge, a diverse skill set, and the ability to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

While drinking his morning coffee, he already starts to think about the deadlines and translation deliveries that await him that day. 

He comes to work and plans his projects. Throughout the day, he switches from one language to another and communicates with translation teams across EuropeHe carefully goes through instructions from clients and prepares guidelines for translation teams. He assigns tasks to linguists best suited for the job, no matter if it’s a one-page translation or a complex multi-language translation project in an unusual file format. 

Thanks to his extensive experience in the translation industry, he knows which task to assign to which translator, reviser, and proofreader. In addition to organising the design and text layout, managing termbases and translation memories and procuring software licenses for translators, he is responsible for budgets and time management.

When everything is finished, before delivering the translation, he also performs quality control checks.

What makes Davor a project manager par excellence? Like all of our project managers, he is always patient and kind, even in the most challenging situations, while working with people from different cultures in the context of an increasingly demanding global market.

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